Spring Brunch

Spring in our region arrived late for brunch. Really late. We imagined ourselves having brunch on the patio, the kids playing in the fort under fresh blossoms. However, even though it did rain, we brought some flowers inside and enjoyed the colours and flavours of spring, if not the sun and breeze we were hoping for.

Quiche is a classic brunch dish and the flavours and combinations are endless. With a plateful of baked goods to nibble on and a bowl of fresh fruit to dip in whipping cream, we took the time to experiment with a few different quiches, both with a deliciously flaky spelt crust.


We made ‘shots’ of lemon tart smoothie to bring a bit of classy fun to the brunch.

The first few blossoms of spring during a break in the rain.

The menu: Bacon, onion and kale quiche, chive quiche, orange olive oil muffins, cheese scones, shots of lemon tart smoothie and fruit salad with whipped cream.

The highlight: Melding together ingredients to make the bacon, onion and kale quiche, which turned out to be everyone’s favourite dish. The lemon tart smoothie was also a nice surprise – some of us were a bit unsure about whether a whole lemon would work in a smoothie but everyone loved it! It has the right amount of tart lemon flavour and sweetness.

The lesson: Be spontaneous with ingredients and see what happens.

Honey Olive Oil Muffins
Lemon Tart Smoothie
Kale, Red Onion and Bacon Quiche





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