Mexican Fiesta

In the middle of March, with snow falling on the ground (unseasonably for our area!), we decided to cheer things up with the flavours and colours of a Mexican fiesta.



The menu: Refried beans, homemade tortillas, guacamole, tortilla soup and chicken mole.

The highlight: Making tortillas! You will need a tortilla press, but that’s part of the fun, and once you start making fresh tortillas, it’s very, very hard to go back to the frozen, tastes-a-bit-like-a-cardboard box, storebought corn tortillas.

The lesson: Mole is much harder than you think to make! For some of our guests, it was adequate, but it did not have the complexity of flavours that I will expecting, even though I had gone to a Mexican specialty shop and bought a range of dried chiles. The mole recipe is not included here….

Simple and Tasty Refried Beans
Homemade Corn Tortillas
Chicken Tortilla Soup

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