Thanks for stopping by the Sunday Cooking Collective.


What does Sunday mean to your family? To ours, it means enjoying (and fueling!) outdoor fun and connecting with friends and family. Playing in the yard or digging in the dirt. Riding bikes or paddling canoes. Throwing rocks in the ocean or racing leaves down a creek. Being active outside is a big part of our lives, and our kids’ lives. Nature fuels and nourishes us as much as food does – let’s put them together for the ultimate experience.


To nourish and fuel our Sunday (and every other day), we choose whole, seasonal and local foods whenever possible. We try to keep long lists of unpronounceable ingredients out of our meals, and unnecessary packaging out of our garbage and recycling bins. We challenge ourselves (and you!) to bring real food not only to the dinner table, but everywhere we go, with Homemade Staples and Portable Snacks.


Food connects us. We invite our friends, our family, our neighbours to contribute ideas, ingredients and enthusiasm. There’s always a recipe to learn, a new food to experience. Cooking projects like homemade pasta, gyozas or empanadas may be a chore alone, but can be a fun event as a Collective. Communal cooking connects our kids with their grandparents, keeps friends in touch, and keeps freezers stocked.

Who We Are

We are two long-time friends who have shared an office at a non-profit organization, share experiences raising children, and share a love of cooking and eating whole foods. An every-so-often cooking club led to the Sunday Cooking Collective. And here we are.


I love to cook simple food from scratch and to source local seasonal ingredients from those who grow them.  Hip, hip hurray for farmer’s markets! My ideal Sunday includes spending time outdoors and last-minute spontaneous dinners with family and friends. My blog contributions celebrate simple, unpretentious recipes made with clean and local ingredients. 


Each member of my household gets outside on Sunday and gets moving – biking, hiking, running. This requires snacks. Lots of them. And so my quest is to offer up fuel that keeps us moving, without defaulting to over-processed and over-sugared options.